Bloom Branding

The beginning…

Jennifer WatsonComment

When I originally had the idea to launch my own business several years ago, the goal was simple; to live each day feeling inspired and do something that I felt passionately about. Whatever the next step in my career, it needed to feel important to me, make a contribution in some way, but not define me. Like the millions of like-minded ‘sisters’ who are part of today’s new generation of women, we are all amazingly multi-faceted and multi-passionate individuals – feeling happiest, most successful and at our very best when we are able to pay  attention to all aspects of our lives and live life to the fullest.

Fast forward to nearly two and a half years ago when I became a mother for the first time. This new dimension that was added to my already seemingly multidimensional and full life made me realize how important it was going to be to carve out my (often fragmented) time working with my strengths, and making my choices and efforts count – with a sense of fulfilment and still feeling like fun!

While I remained plugged in to my ‘former life’ with clients and peers from the corporate world, motherhood opened the door to new social circles and my eyes to a bigger opportunity to make an impact on peoples lives. I instantly began connecting with smart, savvy women who, like myself, were either toying with the idea of going back to the fast-paced workforce after baby, or starting their own passion-led small business to find the proverbial ‘life balance’ that we all constantly seek. Others had already taken the plunge into entrepreneurship and were making good strides navigating their path, day by day.

What became crystal clear very early on was that, despite the incredible female ambition and entrepreneurial spirit in Dubai, the UAE, and region, there was a glaring gap in the local market for quality creative design and consultancy services that catered exclusively to the female business owner and/or brands that specifically targeted women audiences. The more I listened, researched, and continued to listen, the more I heard the same: there was a desire and need for these motivated women, business owners and brands to partner with a team of highly-skilled, switched-on and genuinely interested like-minded women who shared an understanding of the female mind-set and ambition.

Bloom Brand Styling was formally born in the middle of 2014 in response to this opportunity. With a strategically selected team of top talent across all creative disciplines, we are driven to help women achieve their most beautiful state in business and in life. Our continued effort to build brands and businesses that matter remains central to what we stand for, while our greater purpose is paramount; to celebrate and elevate women who are creating the lives they want to live, by doing what they love.

Today is the beginning, and I hope you’ll join us on the journey.